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When you have already played for thousands of hours, you must be looking for something new and fresh in the game, no matter how much you like it. Of course, WormsZone is one of the titles you can play for an infinity – you may meet new rivals all the time, develop new techniques, learn new tricks, and become a better player. But no matter how entertaining and amazing the game is, we bet that you always want more. Updates make the games better and enrich your experience! And here are the best news – we have a free and absolutely delightful update for your WormsZone game. You will be amazed by all the surprises the developers have prepared for you, so hurry up and launch it right now! We bet that you will never regret that!
So what is waiting for all the WormsZone fans in this cool updated version? As always, you will enter the crowded arena, where numerous worms are trying to find their place under the sun. Actually, this place is the only one and you will get it only in case you survive. This won’t be easy, indeed. The problem is that the amount of players present in the game is really great and you will meet more experienced gamers here for sure. But you must eat, eat as much as you can, and then you will be able to beat even the strongest rival. The more you eat, the larger you become. As such, you gain more opportunities to defeat your rivals. The longer tail allows you to encircle your enemies and this means death for them! When you are still small, you can become a victim of someone larger than you – appear in the ring of his tail, smash, and you are dead. But when you have a truly dominant size, the one who crushes the enemies is you!
In the updated version, you will do mostly the same things as you used to do before. However, enjoy numerous new features, additional skins, cool mods, and more! The graphics are improved now, while the arena continues to become bigger, which means that you will have more space for growing! And that’s awesome! Track the updates on our site and stay in the game all the time – we are the first platform to upload them for our dear visitors! All the content on this website is not only free, but also accessible all the time, from all corners of the world. There are no limits at all. Come back here for more games, including the fresh versions of Io games and other amazing multiplayers. We have a plenty of them for you and the collection grows every day! Play forever and have fun!

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