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Begin your flying journey and be strong! Or you will die. As the name of the game suggests, you will have to fly around the playing field all the time and do everything to survive. You will start playing as a small and weak fly – a tiny grey creature with weak wings. Then you will grow larger, in case you will manage to eat more food and avoid being eaten by someone more developed than you are. When being a fly, you will have not a very rich menu: mostly, you are going to eat trash and small plants. Then you will become a bug, bigger and more advanced. So the number of available eatable characters around you will increase and you will start growing faster. Not only you will have a chance to eat more creatures once you grow, but their sizes will become bigger, too. Logically, the larger prey you eat, the faster you grow yourself.
Before you become string and skilled enough, we suggest that you avoid the creatures that are more developed than you. The game is not very suitable for those players who believe in luck. The rules here are strict and there is no place for a happy occasion in case you are small and your opponent is big. The stronger characters survive and continue moving, while the tinier ones mostly become a dinner for someone more developed. So be careful and avoid risks – you will have a chance to eat someone larger once you will develop yourself and this will happen very soon! Be careful and survive, no matter how small you are, you will become larger with time! This and other Io games located on our resources are absolutely free to play, so you are welcome to launch of them online at any time you want. Play them as much as you want – everything that you need is a computer or mobile device and the Internet connection. Don’t forget to check other games from the series and come back soon for the updates!

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