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The popularity of cannot be denied. This is one of the most frequently played titles from the universe of Io games. The secret of its popularity is as simple as that: the game is truly amazing and super-addictive. You must be aware that Slither is the first Io game made in the style of Snake. There are more similar titles from the series, but they are all based on the legendary and beloved by thousands of fans Slither. Here you are going to choose one of the colorful snakes and join the stage where dozens of other players are already waiting for you. In the tough fight, you will prove that you are the best and the strongest snake on this arena. Are you ready to dominate the entire battlefield? Then the time has come to join.
So how does the process of playing looks like? You pick a snake of a particular color and enter the arena. There you will find colorful rounds – they are your food. When you eat them, you become bigger and this is your ultimate goal in the game. You need to become the largest snake on the arena and this will make you a winner. Just make sure that you are careful enough – hitting your tail or the tails of other players will ruin everything. You will die the next second you do so, which means that you need to be attentive. Do your best and grow large! Eat all the items you find on your way, gain bonuses, grow the largest tail ever, and amaze your rivals with the cool moves you can make. The game will reward you for your efforts and you will surely stay the last survivor on this field. Have fun and be the best snake ever! Don’t forget that we have other similar Io titles on this site, so whenever you are done with this one, you are always welcome to move to the next. They will surely never end – each time you play, the experience is truly unique!

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