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Have you already played the marvelous masterpiece called WormsZone? This is one of the best games Io format can offer. And guess what! There is a new part of it! The second chapter, an improved and filled with new cool opportunities, features, and skins, is waiting for you right here, on this page. This one is pretty exclusive and you won’t regret playing it for sure. It is not very easy to find the free online version of this title anywhere else on the web, but we have already prepared it for you, so jump in and have fun – thousands of other worms are waiting for you there. So, are you ready to immerse yourself in the familiar environment filled with new cool opportunities? Then here you go.
What is waiting for you in the second installation of famous WormsZone? First of all, the arena becomes even larger than it ever was. We bet that you were amazed by its enormous sizes before, but now the developers surprise you even more – the arena grows larger, the worms become stronger. This means that you will have more territory to discover. Also, there are new skins added to this game. Great news for everyone who likes designing the worms and looking cool on the arena. Now you can reach the real heights here. Also, in addition to three previous regimes you have already discovered in the previous part of the game, you will have a chance to enjoy brand new playing formats. The creators do everything to make a truly amazing game even greater and you will definitely like the new features and changes they have implemented.
The main idea and task of the game stays pretty much as you know it – you are a small worm, but your task is to become a large one. This is done by eating everything you find on your way, except your rivals and their tails. Even if you will want to destroy them all sometimes, be ready that hitting them will actually destroy you instead. You will have a chance to kill the in the other way, just don’t hurry, eat your food, grow your tail, and become more and more a snake rather than a worm. Be ready for a tough competition for food and territory – you will only win it in case you will be careful and insistent at the same time. So eat to grow and then – grow to eat.

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