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The Snake-style collecting and competing game is waiting for you on this page! This is Wormix, a cool Io game where player take the roles of spiky colorful worms and appear on the battle arena where they are required to eat, become bigger, and fight for survival as long as possible. You will be one of them and the more food you will collect, the more chances for victory you will have. The main idea of the game is that the largest worm is almost a snake, which means that it dominates the field and can destroy the rivals. Defeating them all one by one, you approach to the desired victory and win the match.
You will also be able to add boosters to your character, which makes him faster and mightier. And, as you can understand, this is a great competitive advantage in the game like this. The one how gains maximal weight and size will become a real king of the worms and win the battle easily. Hopefully, this will be you! The winner here is the one who has patience, skills, and speed. So develop your characters at all sides and become the leader. You defeat the enemies when they hit your body with their heads. And the same happens to your character – of you will collide with the other worm, you will die and all of your efforts will vanish into the thin air, so avoid this at all costs! For the tactical moves in the game, you have speed increased with boosters, the “ghost” regime when your character becomes invisible which also allows you to pass through another worm, and the full-stop. Use them smartly and you will surely win the battle at no time. Enjoy the game for free and call your friends to arrange a massive battle!

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