WormsZone.io a Slithery Snake

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In this version of amazing game about the ever-growing worms, you will enter a truly gigantic arena filled with numerous other players. The courageous worms will collide in the battle and the largest one will surely win it today! Will this be you? Enter the game, try your skills, and see! This title is similar to all the other Io games that feature the snakes, worms, and other slimy cute guys. You need to choose the character first, then enter the arena, and start your uneasy way to the victory. The only chance to win the battle is by growing yourself as large as possible and preferably – larger than anyone else you can meet here. In the WormsZone, everything is decided by your size, so do your best and become an anaconda!
The largest worm on the arena becomes an un-doubtful champion. You will surely stand out of the crowd of the other worms and you can do that literally! Not only you will boast of your incredible sizes and mightiness, but also the amazing outlook you will gain. The further you move, the more cool skins open for you, so you are welcome to create a truly original worm of any color. Choose the one you like, then pick another one – be fancy and look stunning! Gather the entire wardrobe of worm skins and design your outlook the way you want.
While the game might seem really simple to you from the first glance, it doesn’t exclude tactics and fighting style. You are welcome to follow one of the three key strategies. You can act as a tough warrior and break your enemies brutally into pieces. This is the way of force! You can also become a trickster and do some stunts that will make your opponents wandering what you are up to. We bet that they cannot crack your cool strategy. Also, you are welcome to build and create in the third playing style marked as “builder”. Grow, develop your skills, and do your best to win this thrilling championship of the worms that will surely become snakes one day! It doesn’t really matter which strategy and style of playing you are going to choose, there is only one main rule you need to keep in mind: when you hit the other worm’s tail, this ends really badly for you! You should avoid any collisions with the enemies, or you will die and the game will end for you. At the same time, all of your opponents will continue competing and that’s really frustrating! So be careful and mind the tails when moving around the field, this is really important. Gather tasty food and grow as big as you can! Have fun!

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