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Like any other Io game, this one is all about development, growth, and survival. Here you will play for a colorful snake that is pretty small from the beginning. You need to grow and try to stay alive in the tough and pretty hot environment around you. When you move around the arena, it is important to gather more food that everyone else and choose the routs that will lead you to maximal resources. When you absorb food, your body becomes larger and this increases your chance to survive while taking them away from your rivals. When you are large, other players have less chances to avoid colliding with you. And when they do hit you, they disappear.
You must remember that and try not to touch them as well. Be ready that they will move to make you do that, but be fast and attentive to stay safe. Yes, this game definitely proves that size does matter and you will see how this reversed proverb works on practice. The game has a smooth gameplay and you can easily launch it on your mobile device of any kind, whether you have a mobile phone or a tablet. What is more, you can play the game whether you are online and offline – both options are available. Enjoy bright graphics, cool skins, and of course – the spirit of competition! Gain scores and grow as big as you can!

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