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Here comes another masterpiece from the world of Worms! This is a large battlefield, the real WormsZone, where these small creatures compete for food and territory. However, the truth is that they are small from the beginning and then they become larger and larger! So the one who grows more than everyone else will surely win the battle and become the master of the battlefield. You will choose the playing regime and enter the really tough game, where the survival is your aim. Be careful – the other players will do everything to prevent you from winning this battle and they will surely try as hard as you do, so get ready for a serious competition. The very first and central playing regime can be described in just a couple of words – grow, eat, and try to stay alive as long as you can. These are the main rules of the Worm World and you are a part of it now.
To make your worm grow larger, you will have to move around the field and eat the small creatures that can be found all around the battle ground. They are pretty cute so you might even hesitate for a second before swallowing them. Let this hesitation last no longer than one second and then – get rid of it entirely! The WormsZone is absolutely not a place for mercy! Here you must eat to grow and grow to survive. Be sure that your rivals won’t hesitate before eating the small cute creatures and what is more – before defeating you in a deadly fight! Be tough and stay hungry, this is the rule. You will also gather the items around you and therefore – gain the additional bonus points that will also make your stronger than all the rest participants. As you can already understand, eat everything that is eatable and gather everything you can reach – this will improve you and give you dominance over the rivals. The only thing you must not touch at all costs is the tails of your rivals. Avoid the collisions with them or you will die at a second and the rest of the battle will continue without you. That’s sad. When you show you as a great worm-warrior in this first regime of the game, you will get an access to the other formats, so the better you play – the more diverse your playing experience becomes. Have fun! This Io game is one of the best and most popular titles in the series, so you will definitely enjoy it. Become the coolest and most winning worm on this arena, show what you have, and defeat everyone that comes at your way. Also, don’t forget about the aesthetical moment of the game – open new skins and look really nice.

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