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Moomoo feels pretty much like a survival game. Here you will have to be fast and accurate. The first thing you do is gathering resources. You will need different types of them for building. The task is to create a village where you can stay safely and defend yourself from the other players that will try to enter your territory and defeat you. You cannot allow that to happen, so make sure to make a solid defense and keep yourself safe inside of your fortress. What is more, your character needs your support and attention all the time – he needs to eat, stay in warmth, and drink liquid. In case you see any of the bars falling too low, you need to fill them as fast as possible, because the lack of food, water, or warmth can cause death to your character. Considering the fact that there are so many outside dangers there, you must be very attentive to every aspect of your living.
There are resources including the gold all over the map and you will wander around the territory to find enough of them for building. The game has a character development system so your hero will change and improve over time. When you will reach the second level of development, you will become a warrior. This means that you must choose your main weapon that will decide your fighting style. There is a sword and hammer to pick from. Also, when you choose a certain role to play further, this will influence your further actions and you will have to decide which buildings and constructions suit your character better. Mind all the aspects and follow the wise way of growth – this will surely improve your skills and make your playing experience much better. Be strategic and make the right choices when it comes to different options of creation – pick those that suit your chosen playing style and will defend you from the enemies better. Do your best and win!

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