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Simple, but extremely engaging, is one of the favorite games of all fans of this series. How about continuing your struggle for the environment in the second part of the game? We bet that you can never have enough of that cool game, can you? Then here you go – we have the new chapter of that brings you the same amazing experience you like that much in the first part of the game. Yes, one more time, you will find yourself on the highly-competitive arena where the struggle of cubes happens. Being one of these colorful geometrical shapes, you will move on the surface and color it in the same color as you are. Your trace marks your territory and the more of it you own – the better. When you dominate the environment, it becomes easy for you to defeat your enemies and therefore – win the battle
The main two things to do here are the following: mark the space with your trace and don’t make a step on the traces of other characters. When you hit the wrong territory, you die. However, you can surround it with your colorful tail and then you will surely gain it as yours. The enemies won’t handle your pressure and you will definitely win the match. Be careful and try to survive! Conquer the territory and be a champion of! On this site, you will find all the parts of this game and they are at your disposal. You are welcome to choose and play any of them for as long as you want. And the best thing – they are all free. You don’t need to download and install the games to your phone and computer – save the place and play online! Have fun in 2 and don’t forget to check other cool titles we have here for you.

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