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The massive struggle of colorful worms starts now. You are one of them, which means that your mission is to stay alive and become the master-worm on this field. The only way to do that is to become a giant worm, the biggest of all, and then defeat each and every rival that dares to step on your way. So the game Wormate.io is another Io title where you meet the numerous opponents on the battlefield and compete with them for food and therefore – for dominance. Who eats more, those dominate harder. How does this happen? That’s easy. When you eat food, your tail becomes longer and therefore you are a stronger worm here. The idea is to make other players hit your long tail and this will make them lose and leave the field. Whenever you manage to do that, you make a step towards victory.
However, be very careful not to get into the same trap yourself. The other players also know the trick. They will grow as well and then each will try to surround you with his or her body. When you are trapped with someone’s tail, you need to act fast until the circle is closed. Run away when you see that someone is trying to wrap you up! If you will hit his or her long body, you will end up losing the game. All of your efforts will be in vain and you will lose everything! The field of the game is pretty large, but this is how it feels when everything starts. When the players start growing larger and larger, you will surely have less territory and space to move. This means that the faster you become large, the better – you will have no chance to do that easily when the game is approaching to the end.

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